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It is always true that to keep yourself healthy one needs to keep his mental health in healthy condition along with physical health. One thing humans never thought about that we have hospitals for our physical health treatment but we don't have any hospital for mental health treatment. In the modern era, the lifestyle is becoming so hectic that everyone is running behind money, power, fame, etc. Nobody is thinking about peace but everyone wants peace. The question is where we can find peace? Is it available in the market for sale? Peace is inside the body. Only need to recognize it & need to understand how to handle the stress properly. Most of the time a person doesn't get stressed because of their own problem, however, stress comes because of other development, happiness, etc. But managing stress also always not in our hands. It needs a very strong self-controlling skill to manage this. All don't possess this skill to manage it. But don't worry. There are other ways to manage this. Professionals called Psychologists in Bangalore are there to help people to come out of the situations. They are well trained to handle this kind of situation.

Visit Dr. Geetha with your problem. Because of her counseling skill & knowledge, she will first understand all your problems. After analyzing the initial step, she prepares a detailed report of your problem & decides which method of treatment will suit you most. Being one of the famous psychology counseling in Bangalore, she has treated so many counseling sessions to help people for the betterment of Life. Not only Dr. Geetha is famously known as a lady psychologist in Bangalore but also she is very popular for other activities like motivational skills, personality development skills, enhancing the quality of life, etc.

counsellors in Bangalore SWAPRERAN (Swa-Preran, Self- Inspiration) - The Psychology Center in Bangalore, is working with children, adolescents, adults, married couples, the working community, sport professionals, actors & others in entertainment industry and senior citizens to understand and enjoy changes in lifestyle towards improving quality and wellness.

Swapreran headed by Dr Geetha Appachhu is regarded as one of the best counsellors in Bangalore for age groups. See a future direction under the guidance of a committed and experienced psychologist in Bangalore. We are offering psychological counselling (for personal development, careers, education, marriage, adjustment, relationships and family issues), psychotherapy, life style modifications, personal, social, interpersonal skills development & modifications, mentoring students with examination anxiety, study skills to enhance competence, building profiles through testing and counselling to choose future courses appropriately.

Marriage, Depression & Psychological Counselling

Mental health and stability is the utmost need in a person's life to keep moving forward. There used to be a time when only physical health was considered to be good for a body. But the present is not the same and future will never be. Mental health is also as important as the physical health. Human life has to deal with the lot of ongoings around him such as people, opinions, society, technological influence, inner chaos, etc. One has to be mentally stable to deal with all these things in life and should keep moving ahead and shall never be a standstill.

Mental stability can be achieved by being strong fearless and most of all keeping yourself inspired all the times and looking at the bright side in life. Dr. Geetha Appachu is renowned mental health counsellor in Bangalore. Through her initiative Swapreran, she has been continuously helping people in achieving the mental stability and maintenance good health and killing them with the strength and courage to face the situations in life. Doctor believes that mental health is not for a specific age group, it is required by all age groups of people. Dr. Geetha has worked with children, adolescents, married couples, working communities, sport professionals, actors and others in entertainment industry senior citizens to understand and enjoy the changes in lifestyle towards improving quality and wellness.

All of us face problems and situations in life. And we need to overcome all those and deserve success and most importantly happiness in life. The quality of the life we lead makes our days ahead and it can only be done by enjoying the moments in life and adapt to necessary changes in lifestyle. And we are here to help you with the psychological assistance which includes personality development, career, education, marriage, relationships and family issues. There is the need for psychological treatment and guidance to children and people in the society. We help with guidance to students by suggesting modifications and mentoring them with the examination anxiety and study skills to enhance competence in life.

Being an established consultant psychologist with over 15 years of teaching and clinical experience, Dr. Geetha Appachu has helped numerous people of all age groups to help them overcome psychological imbalances and helping with courage to adjust to situations of life, stress and pressure, relationship adjustments, mental illness and much more. She has been consistently helping working communities of established corporate and organisations in Bangalore and also with many schools to help the children. She has been regarded as one of the best psychological counsellors in Bangalore and she is renowned to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality and is very confident of helping you with your issues.

Psychological counseling is a profession where a consultant study the behavior of human being and advises the remedy. This specialty primarily focuses on emotional, social, educational & health concerns of the human mental state. This profession aims to work in the interest of a person's stress management, resolve personal and professional problems & suggest to them how to act in a better way in their life. Though the area of expertise broadly works on the mental, physical, personal & personals but the main concentration is to revive the normal functioning of mental condition. The most important question here is why we need to meet a mind specialty? When a person doesn't behave normally & loses the power of the right decision taking power, then there is a cause behind this. Then it becomes necessary to see a professional to get get back your life to a normal personal life. Counseling psychologist treats all ages, people, from child to old person. They also consult & see patients regularly to enhance their skills effectively.


  • " Our Mission: SWAPRERAN is an initiative to nurture the mind and body. We work with techniques for Wellness using holistic health modules for various conditions as well as promoting positive health. "

  • " Our Vision: Wise living in a healthy mind and body "

  • " The greatest wealth is health " ---Virgil

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Dr Geetha Appachhu is an established Consultant Psychologist with over fifteen years of teaching and clinical experience. She has helped over 300 people to overcome with their problems ranging from mild to extreme which includes psychological imbalances...

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