Myths about Mental Health

Myth: I am insane to go to a psychologist?
Fact: Its a thing of the past to think you are 'insane' to go to a psychologist – A psychologist is trained to support and direct during the turmoil, stress and underlying thought disturbances.

Myth: To be seen in and around a psychologist's clinic is a taboo
Fact: Its not a taboo, nor does it mean that you may be having a major illness.

Myth: Psychologist takes one look and can understand the past history
Fact: Not true at all. A psychologist needs to conduct a thorough understanding of the case to know and address the problem.

Myth: Will my problem or case be discussed?
Fact: A good Counselor practices with utmost sincerity and honesty. All cases are kept confidential.

Myth: Mental illnesses and problems can never be cured.
Fact: They can be treated and cured just like any form of illness can be healed with early intervention and right course of treatment.
Please note that the cure depends on the severity and nature of the illness.

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