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SWAPRERAN (Swa-Preran, Self- Inspiration) - The Psychology counseling Center in Bangalore, is working with children, adolescents, adults, married couples, professionals from Medical fraternity, working professionals like software engineers, HR consultants, Principals of schools, teachers, professors, sports professionals, film actors, Producers, directors , others in entertainment industry, business heads & senior citizens to understand and help them enjoy changes in lifestyle towards improving quality of life in particular and wellness in General.

SWAPRERAN, headed by Dr Geetha Appachhu is recognised as one of the best Psychologist/ Counsellor in Bangalore for different age groups, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Paediatric to Geriatric.

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See a future direction under the guidance of a committed and experienced psychologist in Bangalore. We are offering psychological counselling / psycho - therapy for personal development, career, education, marriage, adjustment in relationships and family issues, life style modifications, personal, social, interpersonal skills development & modifications, mentoring students with examination anxiety, study skills to enhance competence, building profiles through testing and counseling to choose career/ future courses appropriately.

2023 records increasing awareness among parents and teenagers to work with themselves and as a family, to resolve relationship concerns, personality issues and behavior problems. SWAPRERAN is happy with the progress and satisfaction of clients

Marriage and The need for Psychological Preparedness

Dr Geetha Appachu @ SWAPRERAN has been encouraging young adults to work with their psychological preparedness for understanding the institution of Marriage. The outcome of premarital sessions with Dr Geetha is experiential.

Make LIFE positive and understand ways of BEAUTIFUL TOGETHERNESS.


  • " Our Mission: SWAPRERAN is an initiative to nurture the mind and body. We work with techniques for Wellness using holistic health modules for various conditions as well as promoting positive health. "

  • " Our Vision: Wise living in a healthy mind and body "

  • " The greatest wealth is health " ---Virgil

About Us

Dr Geetha Appachhu is an established Consultant Psychologist with over fifteen years of teaching and clinical experience. She has helped over 300 people to overcome with their problems ranging from mild to extreme which includes psychological imbalances...

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Dr Geetha Appachu

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